Thursday, March 20, 2014

Coming back from an injury in roller derby

It CAN happen! Almost seven months since my ankle break and torn ligament, I skated in my first post-break bout this weekend! In the first jam, I thought about my ankle. That was it. Every other jam I was consumed with what was going on with my team, and what plays to call (I am a pivot now!). No swelling. No pain. I even wore cute shoes to the afterparty and didn't worry about my ankle then either :)  It was fabulous!

I never knew derby could be like this. I broke my ankle right after my first season as a skater. It was all blur. This bout, something was different. I was more aware. At times I felt like the whole thing was going in slow motion and I had HUGE amounts of reaction time. I didn't feel completely beat up and exhausted afterward. I took and gave some great hits, but found myself focusing on positional blocking a bit more than landing the big hits. It was fun. I wasn't so nervous I almost puked. In fact, I was calming the newer skaters! Its a completely new world for me and I LOVE that I wasn't consumed with fears or worries about my ankle.

Thanks to A.N.C Rockstar Photography for taking this gem of a photo of me. Yes, it pretty much sums up how I felt about this amazing bout :)


Anonymous said...

Proud of you.
- Sean