Friday, November 8, 2013


Well. Its been a while. A lot of things have happened in my world. First and foremost, I am not able to skate right now. On August 17th I was attending a Training Camp with the Texas Hustlers Roller Derby Team and took a fall that resulting in multiple fractures and a torn tendon in my left ankle. Surgery, a plate and seven screws later....I spent 8 weeks on crutches with absolutely NO weight bearing on my left leg, then some time in a walking I am wearing a brace and will start physical therapy soon. I haven't skated in over two months, and it will probably be even longer before I'm back on 8 wheels.

My league fell apart. It was a new league, and we had some the end the three remaining members merged with the Fort Stewart Roller Girls, another local league that was established around the same time. We combined forces to create a much larger, amazing league with a coach and several more experienced skaters. It has by far been the best decision we could have made! I'm very happy and can't wait to actually skate with my new team. For now, I'm assistant coaching. Yeah, you heard that right. My little bit of experience over the past season has helped me land a coaching gig where I get to shape the new skaters. It has been AMAZING to say the least (although I do very much miss being on skates)

Maybe by next year I'll be healed and back on skates.

Obviously, with a broken ankle sewing was NOT an option. I even had to take time off of my day job to recover. Slowly, I'm getting back into it making a few things, but nothing major yet. I think I'll work on re-stocking the Etsy Shop and making some items for my local retailer soon :)

Just wanted to tell you that I'm still out here....just hit a little bump in the road.


Sean said...

You're already back on wheels and doing great!