Thursday, December 13, 2012

Roller Derby Wheel Bag

I've been trying to make a compact wheel bag for my spare sets of wheels, but one that can be washed when it becomes stinky from being in my skate bag all the time.  This was my second attempt, and it still needs work (notice that not-so-straight zipper top stitching? yeah, me neither)

Its clear vinyl on the top so I can see which set of wheels are in it, made from cotton fabric and light interfacing, has a handle so I can grab it and go easily. The zipper runs along the top, and it fits 8 wheels. While I do like it a lot, there are some changes I will make next time.

#1- move the zipper further down the side (leaving a few inches of fabric above it so my top stitching can look prettier--which also is what sealed in the raw edge as the bag is not lined)

#2-make the zipper ends a little neater

#3- use a sturdier fabric, like a cotton canvas or something. This one is very flimsy.

Other than that, I'm pretty pleased. What do you think?


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